Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis

Check in with the video premiere of Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis. Sam welcomes Mary Jo Chudley from Penn Paranormal Society and discusses her episode of “A Haunting” called “The Devil’s Doll.” Premieres Midnight on June 1st! This interview with Mary Jo Chudley is special because I’m reporting from the extremely haunted CONGRESS PLAZA HOTEL in Chicago, IL. Join us if you dare! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpoYhc8nS-Q
In the video edition of Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis, we’re thrilled to talk with Brandon Alvis of A&E’s “Ghost Hunters” and the new series, “Haunted Discoveries. ” We talk about his years investigating The Glen Tavern Inn, exploring The Queen Mary and his “Elements of A Haunting” book.
Here’s the video edition of Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis featuring Laura Brand and they discuss the connections between transient hotels and serial killers. Laura Brand is a serial killer expert and forensic psychology practitioner.
Haunted Hotels with Sam Baltrusis welcomes author, researcher, filmmaker Mike Ricksecker (“A Walk in the Shadows”). Together they’ll discussed Shadow People, Alaska’s Mysterious Triangle and what’s haunting the Mineral Springs Hotel in Illinois. Be careful, the shadow on your wall may not be yours! Join us, if you dare!
Sam welcomes Shane Pittman from The Holzer Files. Pittman strives to use his passion for modern technology to advance the field of paranormal study, attempting to scientifically validate paranormal experiences using the latest techniques available. We’ll take a deep dive into The Holzer Files, The Queen Mary and the 17Hundred90 Inn. Join us if you dare!